Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

Whew wee, is it raining outside. The wind is blowing and rain slapping the windows so hard it causes the dog to bark. Of course, Muffin is a Corgi so I think she can hear the softest of sounds and decides to sound an alert just about all of the time. I certainly never have to worry about anyone breaking into this house, because they are never going to get past Muffin.

We were gone to a fur sale this weekend. Animal activists, I apologize, but my husband is a trapper (just like in the pioneer days) and we go to these fur sales at least three times a season. It is the way he makes our income during the winter months.
If you have never been to one they are very interesting to attend and trappers are certainly a funny bunch.
I did see something at this one I didn't like though, even though it was legal and all that but it broke my heart also. Some guy had the pelt of a beautiful white wolf there. It was absolutely the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen but it broke my heart to think that this beautiful animal had been killed for his beautiful fur.
I went over and touched the pelt and said a prayer to the wolf's spirit, telling him I was sorry he had been killed. I know some think that is probably crazy and all, but I believe God put animals here for a reason. I don't think he approves of senseless killing but if you want to weight the pros and cons of trapping, I will just let you have my husband's email address because he can give you a list a mile long why it is in the best interest of the animals to keep the populations under control.

Well, that certainly got off on a track I didn't mean to go down.
Anyway, I finally got my little doll done and as soon as I get her face painted on I will try to post her on here. I don't know if I will put her in my Etsy shop or not since I am trying to get ready for a craft show in Erin, Tenn. on March 15. I am so slow at creating things I really have to bust my buns to get things started and completed for shows.
So, I guess I will spend the rest of this afternoon cutting out another doll. I am making this one a crochet granny square afghan to carry with her.
Have a good one people, and remember how far a kind word or a smile can help someone else.


judie said...

I really like your blog and have bookmarked so I won't lose it. Thanks for visiting me during the OWOH. I never got a chance to come by before now. My heart was happy to know that you said a prayer for the white wolf's spirit. Thanks for that. And your quilt looks gorgeous! Unfortunately I cannot sew a stitch. Always wanted to make a quilt. Also want to tell you I love the picture you took of the barn. Such a beautiful state you live in. I would love to live in the country.

Ownah said...

Good for people to know.