Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New job

I have a new job (doing the happy dance) in the background.

Well, not a new job where I have to punch a clock and all that, but a new job where I get to write feature articles and take endless photos. By the way, I am praying for a digital camera, so if any of you happen to find a really nice one laying in a parking lot, hay field, or somewhere and want to mail it to me it would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, a very nice lady in Bowling Green is trying to get a new publication started here called the Logan Independent Journal. It's going to be tough to get this started because we are going up against the current newspaper that has been here for 200 years.

But, if you lived here and could read our present newspaper, you would understand our need for a new one. If you get a chance, check us out at
When the page loads, there will be a little icon to your right of some newspapers, click on that, register and then you can read it.

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