Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crappy Cold

I have been dealing with the whole gamut of a crappy cold the last couple of days, and I still feel horrible.

I am always amazed how you can be fine, and just all of a sudden it is like a cold just jumps all over you and invades every part of your being. I hate runny noses.

I did finally manage to get my bow tie quilt put in yesterday and got one whole block hand quilted. I am determined to hand quilt this one even though it may take me from until Christmas to do so.

That was about my whole day, lying on the couch taking cold medicine, working on a quilt in between sneezing fits and of course, reading a book.

I am currently reading "Blind Submission" by Debra Ginsburg and it is really good.

Mark fixed talapia for supper. Despite the taste buds being on the out, it was really good.

Have a good one.

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