Thursday, June 4, 2009

Another attempt at blogging

Wow, I am just terrible at this blogging.......and I just can't seem to get back on board so I am hoping to start doing better, but only time will tell.

To the right is a potholder I made out of this adorable Lucy material I found. I have always been a big Lucy fan so I got this and made some potholders out of it. Anyone interested in one, just email me.

We will be headed to Lafayette, Ky. this weekend for "Old Timey Festival." This is a neat and historic little town not too far from Fort Campbell, Ky. or Clarksville, Tenn. If you are free for the day and want a neat little festival to attend this one was great last year and we look forward to attending it again this year.

Since craft shows seem to consume my world I guess that will become the focus of this blog.

Hopefully, today I will get a lot accomplished in the old craft room today. I am soon going to have to do some cleaning and organizing or I am not going to be able to walk through there much longer.

Naturally I have to leave you with two pics of grandkids, they are growing so fast. Have a good day. It rained during the night and so much cooler today and I love it.

Cody, on the left, seems to be in serious thought, and Shelby, always smiling, she is such a special little girl.

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