Thursday, January 6, 2011

Here I come again. I have to face the fact that I am a terrible blogger and I so envy those who have the discipline to be faithful to their blogs. I guess a twice a year appearance isn't all that bad, is it?

We had a beautiful White Christmas, as well as a good Christmas. I really tried to savor every moment since my two sons won't be here next Christmas. Uncle Sam has already told them they will be Iraq during the holidays this years. So, if you have room for a little extra prayers I would really appreciate it if you would include them as well as all of our other troops there. I know I am not the only mother facing this but it still causes me a great deal of worry.

I have found another favorite author to follow, Sandra Dallas. I just finished reading her novel, Prayers for Sale, and absolutely loved it. She writes with a "mountain" kind of sense. I really enjoyed the book, and looking forward to reading her others.

Also, I have some Pumpkin Butter with honey that would love to grace your kitchen table each morning, just waiting to be spread all over your toast or biscuit. If you are interested just drop me an email at:

Well, that is all I can muster up for this go around. Maybe I will be back sooner this time.

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