Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There are still good people left in this world

I just want to tell everyone that despite what you may have come to believe about mankind there are still decent and caring people left in this world.

This point was driven home to me once again a couple of weeks ago in Metropolis, Ill. You know, the home of Superman.

After Mark and I had finished our craft show in Grand Rivers two weeks ago we drove up to Metropolis to spend the night.

We drove into Metropolis the next morning to look around a bit, then stopped at a fast food store to get some gas. As we went to pull out of the parking lot we realized we weren't going anywhere, we had a flat tire that not even a can of fix a flat was going to fix.

So, we unload all of that stuff out of that trunk to get to the spare when we should discover that little cubby hole holding that spare and jack was full of water. Don't ask either one of us where the water came from, or how long it had been there because we don't know.

Needless to say, the jack was rusted beyond use. Now, here we are in Metropolis, Ill. on a Sunday morning with a flat and no jack. The little doughnut spare is usable but we had serious doubts about driving all the way back home on that little spare.

During all of this worry and concentration on how to deal with this problem this man pulls up and inquires as to what is wrong. We go through our dilemna with him when he tells us he will go home and get a jack. While he is gone, another man pulls up, asks us the same question and tells us he will be back in a few minutes.

Man number one shows up with the jack and man number two shows up with a practically new tire. Mark asks him how much he wants for the tire and he replies nothing. Can you believe that, in this day and time someone just shows up with a tire and gives it to you? We thanked him endlessly and told us not to think a thing about it.

Now we have a tire, but need to find a place to get the tire put on a rim. We decided that our little spare should at least make it to Paducah where we could surely find a tire store or a Super Wal Mart open.

At this time, the man with the jack, Keith, makes a phone call to his friend who owns a garage. Much to our surpise the guy agrees to open his shop, put the tire on a rim and put it on the car for us.

Talk about guardian angels.

We follow Keith to the shop, John puts the tire on the rim, and gets ready to put it on the car when he feels a pin hole on the side wall of the tire. Ouch.

But our luck hadn't run out yet. John checked and he had a used tire that would fit our car. So, he takes the other tire off of the rim, puts his tire on the rim and then puts it on our car. The amazing thing about this though is that he did all of this for only $35.

By now our mouths are falling to the ground with wonderment at the kindness of these people and thanking the heavens above for these men who were willing to lend a helping hand to two strangers from Kentucky. Talking about going the extra mile, those three men certainly exceeded any expectations we had of finding help with our problem.

There are still good people left in this world, and there are those who are always willing to lend that helping hand to others. Believe me, we realized how lucky we were that day and will be forever grateful to Keith, John and the man with the tire. I just know secretly one of them had a big S on their chest.

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