Monday, January 26, 2009

New quilts and a terrible blogger

Well, I think it is no secret that I am just a terrible blogger. I come sneaking in here every two or three months to say hi, then disappear again.
It was even one of my resolutions for the New Year to do better at this, but you can see how well I keep my resolutions.
Oh well, there is always tomorrow, right?
I actually have some good news, shouting from the roof tops. An opportunity has presented itself to me this past week that will allow me to somewhat get back into the newspaper business. It will actually be more on a freelance type of writing but at least I get to get out and meet people again. I get to walk around with a camera strapped to my shoulder, a notebook in hand and ask people to tell me their story. Hooray. Hopefully it will become a profitable adventure for the person behind this brainchild and won't go down the drain with the rest of the economy.
As you may have noticed, I also have new quilts that need to find a new home. The top one is done in mint green with a blue backing featuring horses in each one of those blocks. The blocks are six inches inside and the quilts is 11 blocks across by 13 blocks up and down.
Of course, my favorite ones to make are the homespun patchwork ones. This is a pretty good size quilt. Once again, the blocks are six inches with 14 going across and 16 up and down.
If you think you would love to give a home to one of these quilts you can email me at
Who knows, I may even make it back tomorrow. Have a good one. It's cold here in Kentucky, how about your neck of the woods?


Cathy Cobblestone said...

Good Morning Kathy. Glad you are back. The quilts look amazing and I understand when you like to make things all the time - there is lil' time else for bloggin'. I have that same problem sometimes.

I hope your job opportunity works out - I wish you the very best with it! Happy New Year to you from another Kentucky Cathy.

Melanie said...

Beautiful quilts, Kathy!

Have a great day!

(melanie47601 from MJF)

Aunt Jenny said...

Hi Kathy!!! The quilts are sure pretty!! You do a fantastic job!!
It is cold here too...and we have had 6 inches of new snow in the last 12 hours. It had warmed up and rained for a couple it is winter again!

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

stunning !!!!!!!!!!!!! The horse one is my fav. We have aboaut 2 inches of ice here in lexington ky. I have been out trying to clean it of fthe porch. HOpe your daughter made it to college safely today (farmglas hugs )