Friday, January 30, 2009

the weather

I guess the weather is pretty the main topic all over Kentucky. It is hard to believe that I took this picture above less than a week ago (if you know what type of a grass this is will you please let me know.)

We were pretty lucky here. We were only without electricity for about 12 hours. There are parts of this county, however, that are still without power. The county north to us, Muhlenberg, is in really bad shape. Some estimate it will be at least two weeks before the juice is flowing through their wires once again. The Red Cross has stepped in to provide people with blankets, water and non-perishable foods. I think around Louisville there may still be people without lights, heat, and all the good things that go with electricity.

We have a lot of Amish in this community and I am sure their life went on as usual except there weren't grocery stores open either.

So, during this down time I started reading the Elm Creek Quilt series. I have long wanted to read this collection but wanted to start from the beginning. So, with one of my hand little Barnes and Noble gift cards that I received for Christmas I ordered the first four in the series. I have to say I am really enjoying it. I just love these types of books that just tell a story.

My daughter doesn't go to college today so I am babysitting free. I think I will try to get my hair cut, get my sewing room warm and just see what the rest of the day holds.

For those of you able to read this, I hope you have a good rest of the day, for those of you without electricity, I am sorry and will be keeping my fingers crossed that the magic of the light bulb will once again shine at your house before too much longer.

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Aunt Jenny said...

I am so glad to hear that your power wasn't off for long! WEll, 12 hours is sure enough to be annoying though!!
Stay warm and safe!!